• Dijana Vucinic
  • vuga
  • Simon Hartmann
  • Sonja Radovic Jelovac
  • mitrovic
  • Juergen Mayer H
  • Luise Rellensmann
  • Ian Anderson
  • Anastassia Smirnova
  • Milan Tomac and Dean Lah

Big voids in planning legislations and turnovers in social, political and economic circumstances have lead to major space misuse in many coastal towns along the Adriatic. Looking for a quick return, housing and tourism oriented projects seamed to be the easiest and the most profitable opportunity. Apart from the profit lead reasons and legislation created environment, there was an obvious deficit in these categories, especially in popular touristic destinations in Montenegrin coast. Popularity of towns such as Kotor, Budva, Petrovac, Bar and other has been rising and there was a big demand for new spaces. And while Budva has been destroyed in urban and architectural terms, there are towns, such as Kotor that somehow managed to keep form, spirit and charm it always had. Of course, this town will spread and develop as well and we want to be there, as architects, scholars and thinkers.

Throughout its summer school program Kotor APSS has been investigating mechanisms that could redefine relationship between distinct structures and the city in Montenegrin coastal cities, and improve urban conditions and lifestyle by rethinking approach on urban planning and design. As such, intention is to use APSS as a platform for further research and development of urban structure in these cities.

Treasures in Disguise

Treasures in Disguise curated by Dijana Vucinic (DVARP), Bostjan Vuga (SADAR+VUGA), Simon Hartmann (HHF), Ilka and Andreas Ruby (Ruby Press) and Nebojsa Adzic (SACG) opened to a packed audience at the Montenegro Pavilion at the Palazzo Malipiero.

21.12.2013. Kotor APSS Awarded

Kotor Art Kotor APSS has been awarded at the first Montenegrin Architectural Expo, category research/experiment. We are proud of the recognition we have received from our colleagues architects and we thank every member of our Kotor APSS community. This award belongs to all of you staff members, mentors, lecturers, students, partners, sponsors, participants.