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APSS 2013

Hotel Fjord has been the topic of Kotor Art Kotor APSS Architectural Prison Summer School 2013. The Hotel situation is a fine example of a typical outcome of this fast transition of capital in Montenegrin coast. It has been sold (privatized) as a big potential for touristic redevelopment in the City of Kotor. Since 2005 it has been closed.

A discussion and workshop on the possible scenarios of the future development of Hotel Fjord site, as a final product of Kotor Art Kotor APSS 2013, have exposed a great potential of this location and the neighboring sites. Hotel Fjord, an abandoned structure in the prominent location at the very end of Kotor Bay has been reanimated into Grand Hotel Fjord – a case study for sustainable and forward-leaping touristic development.


Mentors and Lecturers

  •     Bostjan Vuga, SADAR+VUGA, Ljubljana
  •     Dijana Vucinic, DVARP, Montenegro
  •     Simon Hartmann, HHF Architects, Basel
  •     Hubert Klumpner, Urban-Think Tank, Zurich
  •     Andreas Ruby, Ruby Press, Berlin
  •     Sasa Begovic, 3 LHD Architects, Croatia
  •     Marko Dabrovic, 3LHD Architects, Croatia
  •     Ivan Milosevic,  AIM Studio, Montenegro
  •     Marko Stjepcevic, University of Montenegro, Montenegro
  •     Borislav Vukicevic, architect and journalist, Montenegro
  •     Slobodan Radoman, DTEK Co-Founder & OMA Architect, New York
  •     Veljko Radulovic, STUDIO GRAD, Podgorica, Montenegro
  •     Nikola Novakovic, ENFORMA, Kotor, Montenegro

Bostjan Vuga graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana (1992) and continued his post graduate studies at the AA School of Architecture in London. In 1996 Jurij Sadar and Bostjan Vuga cofounded architectural office SADAR+VUGA. Over the past fifteen years it has focused on open, innovative and integral architectural design and urban planning. The office has been driven by a quest for quality, with a strong belief that forward-leaping architectural production contributes to our well-being, and generates a sensitive and responsive development of the physical context we live in, broadening our imagination and stimulating our senses. He regularly lectures at architectural schools, conferences, and symposia in Slovenia and abroad. In 2003 he was a studio tutor at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam. He was a visiting critic at AA London, the Bauhaus Kolleg in Dessau, the IAAC in Barcelona, the ETH in Zürich, the Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien and the Academy of Visual Arts Vienna. He participated in two issues of AB architectural bulletin magazine as guest editor. He published numerous articles about current events in architecture and urban planning, in diverse publications. Bostjan Vuga is currently guest professor at the Adip, TU in Berlin.

Dijana Vucinic was born in Podgorica, Montenegro in 1981. She has studied architecture at the University of Montenegro. Previously she has been studying in New York for a while. While working on her Master thesis she has focused her research on urban condition in the developing touristic areas on Montenegrin coast and in mountain resorts. Dijana Vucinic is a practicing architect and has recently started an interdisciplinary architectural and design practice DVARP (dijana vucinic architectural research and practice) with projects that range from urban design to residential buildings and theater stage design and education on architecture and urban planning. DVARP is focused on research and analysis in architecture, urban design, sociology, environment protection and built heritage and tradition. In their work they introduce structures and spaces that reveal complex process of final answer and critical thinking.
In 2011 she founded Kotor APSS - Architectural Prison Summer School as a research platform discussing ongoing problems in urban planning and architecture in Montenegro. The school has its focus on the problems of urban development and planning as well as architecture design and space research under the pressure and the demands of tourism and rapid development. She writes for several Montenegrin periodicals and online publications. She was an active participant in many Architectural workshops, study trips and conferences as well as architectural competitions where she has won several awards and important recognitions..

Simon Hartmann 1974 Born in Bern, Switzerland | 1994–2000 Studies in Architecture at ETH Lausanne, TU Berlin and ETH Zurich; Masters at EPF Lausanne with Prof. V. Mangeat | 2000–2003 Collaboration with Rolf Furrer Architekten, Basel | 2002–2007 Teaching assistant at the ETH Studio Basel with Prof. Jaques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron, Roger Diener, Marcel Meili | 2003 Founding of HHF architects, Basel | 2009–2011 Professor at the HTA Fribourg | 2010 BSA member | Since 2011 Professor at the the Joint Master of Architecture course, Fribourg | 2011 Visiting professor at the University of Innsbruck, Austria.

Alfredo Brillembourg and Hubert Klumpner are founders and directors of the Urban-Think Tank an interdisciplinary design practice in Caracas / Venezuela. They are teaching since 2007 in Columbia University / NY where they founded S.L.U.M. Lab. (Sustainable Living Urban Model Laboratory). Since July 2010 they hold a chair for Architecture and Urbanism at the Swiss Institute of Technology / ETH in Zürich. Their work is primarily geared to the research and development education of a new generation of professionals developing and transforming cities in the 21st century, building theory and practical applications to moderate cooperation between first world industry and thirdworld underprivileged informal urban areas, to leapfrog cities in the global south into the 21st century. Brillembourg & Klumpner have presented their projects in the Museum of Modern Art exhibition titled “Small Scale –Big Change”, and in the Sao Paulo, Rotterdam and Venice Biennales. They have been awarded the 2012 GOLDEN LION of the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale in Venice for the best project in the Common Ground exhibition, the 2012 Global HOLIM-Award and 2011 Latin America Gold HOLCIM-AWARD for sustainable construction, and 2010 Ralph Erskine Award from the Swedish Association of Architects for their innovation in architecture and urban design with regard to social, ecological and aesthetic aspects. For their work defining informal design and social capital has benefitted primarily the less privileged in society in different socio- cultural sustainable contexts.

Andreas Ruby studied History of Art at University of Cologne - Germany before undertaking post-graduate studies in Theory and History of Architecture at the Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture Paris with Paul Virilio and at Columbia University New York with Bernard Tschumi. Together with Ilka Ruby he is partner in textbild, an office for architectural communication dedicated to writing texts, publishing books, organizing symposia and consulting institutions in the context of contemporary architecture (www.textbild.com). In 2008 they founded their own publishing house Ruby Press (www.ruby-press.com)

3LHD is an architectural practice, focused on integrating various disciplines – architecture, urban planning, design and art.  3LHD architects constantly explore new possibilities of interaction between architecture, society and individuals. With contemporary approach, the team of architects resolves all projects in cooperation with many experts from various disciplines.  Projects, such as Memorial Bridge in Rijeka, Croatian Pavilion in EXPO 2005 in Japan and EXPO 2008 in Zaragoza, Riva Waterfront in Split, Sports Hall Bale in Istria, Centre Zamet in Rijeka, Zagreb Dance Centre in Zagreb and Hotel Lone in Rovinj are some of the important highlights. They represented Croatia at the Venice Biennale 2010, 12th International architecture exhibition with the group of authors, and took part in the 2008 ‘Mare Nostrum’ exhibition on the second International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam, and in a group exhibition in Boston at Harvard University: “New trajectories: Contemporary Architecture in Croatia and Slovenia “. The work of 3LHD has received important Croatian and international awards, including the award for best building in Sport category on first World Architecture Festival WAF 2008, IOC/IAKS Bronze Medal Award 2009 and IOC/IAKS Silver Medal Award 2011 for best architectural achievement of facilities intended for sports and recreation, AR Emerging Architecture Award (UK), the ID Magazine Award (USA); and Croatian professional awards Drago Galić (2008), Bernando Bernardi (2009; 2005), Viktor Kovačić (2011; 2001), and Vladimir Nazor (2009; 1999). In 2012 Croatian President Ivo Josipović awarded 3LHD with the Charter of the Republic of Croatia for exceptional and successful promotion of contemporary architecture in Croatia and abroad.

Ivan Milosevic was born in Kotor in 1984 where he finished elementary and high school.
In 2008 he graduated from Faculty of Architecture in Podgorica, where he continued with post-graduate studies.
From 2008 to 2011 he worked at Studio Grad in Podgorica, and during this period participated in many architectural competitions with notable success. In January 2012 he opened a solo practice by the name- AIM studio.He is also a Teaching Assistant at the Polytechnic University of Donja Gorica and a member of the Executive Board of Professional Chamber of Architects of Montenegro.

Marko Stjepcevic is an architect, born in Podgorica. He graduated at the Faculty of Architecture University of Montenegro (2009), and he is currently atending post graduate studies at the same faculty. Marko is engaged as a studio tutor at the Faculty of Architecture in Podgorica, also lecturing at the Faculty of Polytechnics, University Donja Gorica.
He published several articles in local magazines Prostor and Pogled.  Marko has been winning first and second awards for numerous architectural solutions, such as dwelling in Tivat (second prize), landscape design for Sipcanik hill (first prize), European chess house (second prize) etc.

Borislav Vukicevic was born in 1964, in Bjelovar, Croatia. He studied architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Zagreb and the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Belgrade. He graduated in 2012. at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. Since july 2003. he has been engaged in writing about contemporary architecture for „ART-Vijesti“, the Saturday’s art and culture supplement of the independent daily newspaper „Vijesti“. By this time, he published over 500 articles. He has published numerous articles and reviews in „Forum“, magazine published by the Union of Architects of Serbia (UAS) and Association of Belgrade Architects (DAB); „Kvart“ magazine – Belgrade magazine for architecture, art, design and lifestyle; „Art Centrala“, magazine published by The Contemporary Art Centre of Montenegro, and „Pogled“ , magazine published by the Engineers Chamber of Montenegro. He curated the exhibition „Architecture in Montenegro in 21st Century“, within manifestation „BINA 2010“ (5th Belgrade International Architecture Week, in 2010.) – where he presented more than thirty realized projects and architectural competition projects by Montenegrin architects and architects from abroad on the teritory of Montenegro.

Slobodan Radoman got his B.A. in Architecture from Harvard University (2007) and his Master of Architecture as well as the Urban Design Certificate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT (2013). Previously he attended the United World College of the Atlantic in Wales, where he earned his I.B. diploma. Slobodan is a recipient of several academic awards such as the Fellowship at MIT's Legatum Center for Entrepreneurship and the Magna Cum Laude Honor Society Membership. He has collaborated with the leading designers at the following offices: ODBC and DPA (Paris), I.M. Pei (NYC), EMBT and IaaC (Barcelona); currently he is an architect at OMA, where he has worked since 2010 in the offices in Rotterdam, Hong Kong and NYC. His portfolio includes projects in Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America, ranging from furniture design to master plans.

Veljko Radulovic graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade in 2000, where he also received his PhD degree in 2012.
He currently lectures at the Faculty of Architecture in Podgorica (www.arhitektura.ac.me), as a Professor.
Radulovic is one of the founders of the architectural practice studio GRAD, awarded for numerous Architectural and Urban Competitions.
Member of the UNESCO national Comittee, Association of Architects of Montenegro and the Chamber of Engineer of Montenegro.

Nikola Novakovic was born in Niksic, Montenegro in 1978. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Novi Sad and finished his post -graduate studies at the same faculty in 2004. From 2004. to 2006. he worked on design and construction of many residential buildings in Novi Sad. At Enterijer Jankovic (Jankovic Interior) company he has worked on interior design and project construction around the country and abroad. In 2006 he founded his own studio Enforma in Kotor, where designed and constructed numerous projects of different typologies.


  • Arch. Dijana Vucinic, Founder and Program Director
  • Arch. Bostjan Vuga, Program Adviser
  • Marija Icevic, Production Director
  • Luka Boskovic, Art Director
  • Milja Djuranovic, Communications
  • Boriša Medenica, Project Assistant
  • Aleksandra Lalatovic, Student Coordinator
  • Janko Nikolic, Tech Support
  • Matija Vukovic, Project Assistant